This Is For Retro Lovers

Welcome to the official site of 16-BIT Shock. It’s great to have you here and hope you will find much of value in the coming weeks and months. There’s plenty in store for those with a penchant for some retro gaming goodness.

Expect a blog that will be updated regularly, primarily for game project updates as well as other related topics. Straight to the point, expect a wider scope of subject matter to be covered, beyond the boundaries of gaming.  It wouldn’t be out of place to talk about the intricacies of an electronic medium such as video games, without referencing electronic music. The two go together like hand in glove that it would be a missed opportunity to ignore the connection.

And there’s much that’s positively retro in music these days as much as it is in gaming. An auspicious occurrence which is one of the reasons 16-BIT Shock came to be. A love for explosive, colourful, pixelated worlds with an ear to synthesized melodies are the raison d’etre.

Capturing the purity, the nostalgia and perhaps even some of the pretentiousness of a bygone era and reflecting that into today’s digital spaces.

Stay Righteous, Stay Retro!




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